Here's how you can make the most out of The WP Agency Summit.

This page gives you all details about participating in and promoting the summit

The main summit concept

How attendees View Your Session

Each session is going live on a designated day and time – your “prime time” – during the main schedule. That is when your session will be embedded on the main website and will get attention of all the attendees. After that, your session will still be available for free to all attendees until the event has ended.

How to best engage with Attendees

Next to the session, there will be a live chat embedded using Chatroll. That will be a great place for you to connect with your audience during your “prime time”.

There also will be a Networking Lounge with multiple open video calls (breakout rooms) that you can join at your convenience to interact with the attendees, sponsors and other speakers. The Networking Lounge stays available for attendees, sponsors, and speakers during the event.

First of all, Thank you for being a speaker.

The speakers Pack.

Without you, the WP Agency Summit 2020 would not be possible. Thank you for contributing your knowledge to helping educate WordPress developers, agency owners, and freelancers on growing their companies and businesses.

Communities like the ones we’re in are what I like most about doing business online. The markets are so huge that we do not need to see each other as competition but can focus on learning from another and growing together.

This Speakers Pack is meant to give you all information you need to get the best results from the WP Agency Summit for your brand and business.

Main Dates

Are you interested in being an affiliate?

Join the affiliate program

While the event itself is free to attend from October 12th to 18th, I am also offering a lifetime access package called “All Access Pass” to all sessions and bonuses.

You can earn 50% commission on that All Access Pass through joining the affiliate program and sharing your unique link.

The conversion rate from my other summits is around 6% from website visitor to sale.

Being an affiliate is no requirement, but I’d love for you to join the program and help spreading the word.

Swipe copy to make promo easier

Access The Swipe Vault

Two weeks before the promo starts, I will provide swipe copy and graphics you can use for promoting the event. 

You’ll receive an email about this and the resources will also be linked here on this page.

I’ve prepared email copy and copy for social media that you can use to share the event with your audience. Click the button below to access a Google Doc with all the swipe copy.

I’ve also prepared promotional images for you to promote your session. As the event comes closer, I’ll be adding more variations to the Google Drive folder. Click the button below to see all images and download yours.

Here's what I need From You

Please submit Your details

In order to properly market your speaker slot, present you and your brand on the website, and to prepare for our conversation if we do an interview, I’ll need a few pieces of information from you.

Please use the Google Form provided below to send the necessary details or shoot me an email to jan@wpagencysummit.com in case something isn’t clear.

Thank you 🙂

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