WP Agency summit Day 5

Note from Jan Koch, host of WP Agency Summit:

You’ve made it all the way through, this is the final day of the WP Agency Summit. We’re closing it with a BANG!

Today’s speakers are letting you enter markets like non-profits, show you how million-dollar businesses like Delicious Brains are built, how you can escape the referral trap – and a lot more.

The 5A Framework For Escaping Your Referral Trap

Brent Weaver - Ugurus

Brent has worked with hundreds of WordPress agencies and helped them build a rock-solid foundation.

In this presentation, he explains how you can stop relying on referrals and build a powerful marketing engine that generates leads on auto-pilot!

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Making A Good Life Working With Nonprofits

Birgit Pauli-Haack - Gutenberg Times & Pauli Systems

Birgit hosts the Gutenberg Times but also built a profitable agency that serves nonprofits.

In this conversation, she explains how she built her agency from the ground up and why working with nonprofits can earn a lot of money for an agency.

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Nailing the Discovery Process And Accessibility

Alicia St. Rose - WP With Heart

In this interview, Alicia explains her proven and tested process for website discovery. None of her projects starts without this Discovery phase – it has been essential to her success.

You will learn what questions to ask your clients in the Discovery phase and how to scope a project properly.

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How Brad built Delicious Brains

Brad Touesnard - Delicious Brains

Chances are that you heard about Delicious Brains before. Their plugins like WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload Media, and others have hundreds of thousands of customers.

In this interview, Brad shares how he and his co-founder built Delicious Brains from scratch and grew it to the extraordinary level they are on now.

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What Agencies Should Know About Web Vitals

Adam Silverstein - Google

Adam is a developer programs engineer at Google, working at the Core Web Vitals. 

In his presentation, he explains not just what these new metrics mean for Google’s ranking algorithm, but also how WordPress sites need to be optimized for them.

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Building A White-Gloves WordPress Service Agency

Adam Silver - ConciergeWP

Running ConciergeWP and being involved in the WordPress community through his podcast, Adam knows the in’s and out’s of running a WP service agency.

In this interview, he shared his struggles in the beginning and how he overcame them. He also explains how he managed to remove himself from the day-to-day business tasks.

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