WP Agency summit Day 4

Wow, it is already the second to last day of the WP Agency Summit, can you believe that? 

You’ve got access to 20+ sessions already and there are still so many to come. Today, you can learn about identifying and stopping money leaks in your projects, mental health, accessibility, Twitter marketing, and a lot more.

How To Find And Stop Money Leaks In Your Projects

Jennifer Bourn - Bourn Creative

In this presentation, Jennifer walks you through various steps where you could be losing money in your projects.

Chances are, that you will recognize some of the behaviors she outlines. Luckily, she also presents the solution right in this presentation as well!

Get in touch with Jennifer using one of the links below:

Mental Health Challenges For Agency Owners

Diane Wallace - Big Orange heart

This is a vulnerable conversation of two agency owners who share their struggles with mental health. Whether it’s anxiety, imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, or other feelings – most agency owners are familiar with them.

Diane presents ways you can deal with the pressure that comes with running an agency.

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Scaling Your Agency’s Revenue With Email Marketing

Davinder Singh Kainth - The WP Weekly

Davinder writes three different email newsletters, each of them contributing directly to his revenue. 

In this interview, Davinder explains his process of consistently sending out valuable email newsletters. Without spending hours writing them, that is.

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How To Scale Your Agency Using MRR In Your Projects

John White - True Mtn Marketing

John’s agency thrives on recurring revenue by selling all their projects based on retainers. Instead of charging high prices initially, True Mtn Marketing bills projects over the course of 24 months.

In this interview, John explains the rationale behind this approach and teaches the process, so you can replicate his success.

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The Twitter Marketing Blueprint To Scale Your Agency

Bridget Willard

Twitter can be a powerful lead generation tool if used properly. Bridget walks you through the process of making the most from the time spent on Twitter.

From setting up your profile properly to using lists for lead segmentation, the frequency of tweets and how you structure them – she got it all covered for you.

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Lessons Learned From 7 Years Of Freelancing

Claire Brotherton - abrightclearweb

This interview shines a light on how Claire managed to do freelance work for 7+ years. 

She shares challenges she had to overcome, how she generates leads and works with her clients, and what lessons she learned along the way.

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