WP Agency summit Day 3

The third day of the WP Agency Summit brings you seven interviews that range from topics like content marketing over branding to hiring and training staff.

Your virtual mentors on this event tackle many important topics today. Do not hesitate to connect with them and to let them know that you enjoyed their session at WP Agency Summit.

Lesson Learned From Building, Scaling, and Managing a WordPress Agency

Mario Peshev - devrix

Devrix is a ravingly successful full-service agency, selling WordPress projects to clients like Audi.

In this interview, Mario discusses how he grew Devrix to 40+ employees and how he closed projects with enterprise clients as a freelancer. If you want to work with enterprise clients and sell five-figure or six-figure projects, this interview is a must-see.

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Winning Enterprise Clients In Sports

Leo Mindel - Sotic

How cool would it be to work with Premier League soccer clubs and other exciting enterprise businesses in the sports field?

Leo’s agency Sotic focuses on exactly this type of clients. In this interview, he explains what it takes to close deals with enterprises in sports and how to excel in this industry.

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Content Marketing Strategies That Sell

Kim Doyal - Content Creators Planner

Content marketing without a clear goal or strategy will just cause costs and won’t deliver any results. Luckily, the content marketing queen Kim Doyal sits down with us to show us a solution.

In this interview, she outlines how you can structure monthly campaigns around your business goals. It is time to turn your content into a true business asset.

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Engineering Happiness: How to Help Customers Navigate the WP Waters

Kathryn Pressner - Automattic

Kathryn is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and explains how you can always delight your customers.

She talks about strategies to better emphasize and understand even the most frustrating client requests. This interview will help you take customer care to the next level.

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How Brad Scaled WebDevStudios To A World-Leading Agency

Brad Williams - WebDevStudios

WebDevStudios is one of the thought leaders in the WordPress industry, working with enterprises across the globe.

Brad shared his way to the top of the WP agency ecosystem and doesn’t hold back on painful lessons learned. If you are passionate about building a 30+ person agency, Brad is the right person to listen to.

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How Agencies Can Leverage Blogging For Lead Gen

Alice Elliott - FairyBlogMother.co.uk

Blogging and especially blog commenting can be powerful tools to generate leads in your agency.

Alice focuses on the social aspect of blogging and building relationships through blog commenting. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on why agencies should put more emphasis on building true relationships on their blogs.

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