WP Agency summit Day 2

Here’s to the first day of the WP Agency Summit, with nine expert sessions talking about recurring revenue, SEO, remote hiring, email marketing, web security, and a lot more.

Enjoy these sessions and make sure to take plenty of notes, to truly make the most out of the lessons shared by the experts.

Does Your Agency Have An Identity Crises?

Lee Matthew Jackson - Agency Trailblazer

Lee excels in coaching agency owners to build businesses they actually love to run. In his presentation, he explains how you can identify an identity crisis in your agency.

Especially if you’re not seeing the results you’d like from your marketing, an underlying identity crisis could be one of the root causes.

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How To Quickly And Easily Create Case Studies That Boost Your Agency’s Reputation

Yvette Sonneveld - Inbound Marketing Bliss

Publishing case studies can be a fantastic way to increase your agency’s exposure and demonstrate your skills. But writing them can be time-consuming.

Yvette shares her proven process in this interview, so you can start writing your own case studies from today.

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Leveraging Copywriting To Scale Your Agency

Todd E. Jones - Copyflight

Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills we as entrepreneurs can master. With Todd’s battle-tested framework, we can take the copy on our websites to the next level.

Whether you’re struggling with turning your About page into an asset that drives leads, or whether you simply want to learn more about copywriting in general, this presentation has got a lot in store.

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How Agencies Can Leverage Static Sites For Their Clients

Miriam Schwab - Strattic

Static WordPress sites offer tons of benefits for the right type of customer. If you can sell your clients on a static website, you can not just offer them a blazingly fast site but also one that is as secure as it gets.

Miriam and Jan talk through the in’s and out’s of static sites and discuss selling points for agency owners and site builders.

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Powering Virtual Events To Boost ECommerce

Muhammad Muhsin

Muhammad is a senior React engineer at rtCamp and focuses this presentation about powering virtual events to increase e-commerce sales.

He shares a case study for one of his recent projects, in which he helped a brick and mortar store selling sewing equipment using virtual events.

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How To Work With A Remote Design Team

Thiago Carvalho - DeerDesigner

Working with a remote design team can bring in multiple benefits for your agency. 

You could use them to offer better web design services, resell their services when creating graphics for your customers, or for your own marketing.

Thiago’s presentation explains how to properly work with remote design teams.

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Delighting Your Customers & Women In Tech

Mary Job - HowDoYouTech

Mary is a support engineer for Paid Memberships Pro and also organizes WordCamps in the WordPress industry.

In our conversation, we talk about what it takes to delight your customers in order to fight churn. We also discuss how women in tech can be empowered.

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The Story of Scaling WP Media, The Company Behind WP Rocket

Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier - WP Media

Scaling WP Media, the company behind WP Rocket and Imagify was an exciting ride, as JB shares in this interview.

Jan and he discuss what it takes to grow a service-based business and transition into selling plugins that sell hundreds of thousands of times.

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