WP Agency summit Day 1

Here’s to the first day of the WP Agency Summit, with nine expert sessions talking about recurring revenue, SEO, remote hiring, email marketing, web security, and a lot more.

Enjoy these sessions and make sure to take plenty of notes, to truly make the most out of the lessons shared by the experts.

Building Your First MRR Service

Allie Nimmons - WP Buffs

Allie is the community manager at WP Buffs and constantly speaks with agencies that build recurring revenue.

In her presentation, she walks you through what it takes to set up your first recurring revenue service. This will help you start earning recurring revenue but also is the foundation for scaling your MRR.

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Scaling The Development Experience From Freelancer To Agency

Chris Wiegman - WP Engine

Do you want to understand what it takes to work with multiple developers? Or maybe you already have multiple developers in your team and want to know how to improve their productivity?

In any case, this presentation from Chris will give you many starting points to unleash more potential for your team.

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No Bulls#%T Ways To Prepare Your Email Marketing For The Holidays

Gregory Zakowicz - Omnisend

Selling marketing campaigns to your customers can be a very lucrative revenue stream. 

Greg from Omnisend walks you through setting up campaigns around holidays – which is applicable to any holiday of the year.

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Using SEO For Lead Generation in 2020

Marieke van de Rakt - Yoast

Driving organic traffic to generate leads is tricky but can certainly be done. Marieke walks you through a proven process of setting your organic traffic campaigns.

She is the CEO at Yoast and thus has extensive insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to search engine optimization. This interview is interesting for you if you want to create content but also want to sell SEO campaigns.

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Is Selling WP Security The New Snake Oil?

Pritesh Vora - WP Remote

Selling WordPress security services is often part of maintenance packages but can also be enough for a stand-alone retainer.

Pritesh walks you through how to you can start selling (or optimize your sales process) WordPress security services. He also shines light on common pitfalls you need to be aware of.

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Scaling Your Agency – Recruiting vs Subcontracting

Matt Frost - Themeco

Most profitable agencies are built around strong teams. But building a team is also intimidating and presents countless challenges.

Matt’s presentation explains the benefits and drawbacks that come with either subcontracting or recruiting.

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Building and Selling Multilingual Websites With Ease

Thomas Fanchin - Weglot

Thomas explains what it takes to properly execute WordPress builds that involve multilingual features.

He also demonstrates Weglot live on the WP Agency Summit website, so you get a look behind the scenes.

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The State Of Web Security In 2020

Agnes Talalaev - WebARX Security

In her presentation, Agnes explains the state of web security in 2020 and shares insights on what you should know when building websites.

We have a conversation around what agencies and freelancers should keep in mind when building secure websites.

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What Agencies Need To Know About Online Legal Compliance

James McMullan - iubenda

Legal compliance is crucial for agencies because in some cases, they can be held accountable for building sites that aren’t compliant.

James shares details on how we can build compliant sites and how we can sell our clients on compliance with legislation.

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