Session Schedule

Below, you’ll find the timeline for all pre-recorded expert sessions that are published during the WP Agency Summit.

Day 1

Building Your First MRR Service

Allie Nimmons - WP Buffs

Allie is the community manager at WP Buffs and constantly speaks with agencies that build recurring revenue.

In her presentation, she walks you through what it takes to set up your first recurring revenue service. This will help you start earning recurring revenue but also is the foundation for scaling your MRR.

Scaling The Development Experience From Freelancer To Agency

Chris Wiegman - WP Engine​

Do you want to understand what it takes to work with multiple developers? Or maybe you already have multiple developers in your team and want to know how to improve their productivity?

In any case, this presentation from Chris will give you many starting points to unleash more potential for your team.

No Bulls#%T Ways To Prepare Your Email Marketing For The Holidays

Gregory Zakowicz - Omnisend

Selling marketing campaigns to your customers can be a very lucrative revenue stream. 

Greg from Omnisend walks you through setting up campaigns around holidays – which is applicable to any holiday of the year.

Using SEO For Lead Generation in 2020

Marieke Van De Rakt - Yoast

Driving organic traffic to generate leads is tricky but can certainly be done. Marieke walks you through a proven process of setting your organic traffic campaigns.

She is the CEO at Yoast and thus has extensive insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to search engine optimization. This interview is interesting for you if you want to create content but also want to sell SEO campaigns.

Is Selling WP Security The New Snake Oil?

Pritesh Vora - WP Remote

Selling WordPress security services is often part of maintenance packages but can also be enough for a stand-alone retainer.

Pritesh walks you through how to you can start selling (or optimize your sales process) WordPress security services. He also shines light on common pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Pritesh Vora

Scaling Your Agency – Recruiting Vs Subcontracting

Matt Frost - Themeco

Most profitable agencies are built around strong teams. But building a team is also intimidating and presents countless challenges.

Matt’s presentation explains the benefits and drawbacks that come with either subcontracting or recruiting.

The State Of Web Security In 2020

Agnes Talalaev - WebARX Security

In her presentation, Agnes explains the state of web security in 2020 and shares insights on what you should know when building websites.

We have a conversation around what agencies and freelancers should keep in mind when building secure websites.

Building And Selling Multilingual Websites With Ease

Thomas Fanchin - Weglot

Thomas explains what it takes to properly execute WordPress builds that involve multilingual features.

He also demonstrates Weglot live on the WP Agency Summit website, so you get a look behind the scenes.

Thomas Fanchin

What Agencies Need To Know About Online Legal Compliance

James McMullan - Iubenda

Legal compliance is crucial for agencies because in some cases, they can be held accountable for building sites that aren’t compliant.

James shares details on how we can build compliant sites and how we can sell our clients on compliance with legislation.

James McMullan

Day 2

Does Your Agency Have An Identity Crises?

Lee Matthew Jackson - Agency Trailblazer

Lee excels in coaching agency owners to build businesses they actually love to run. In his presentation, he explains how you can identify an identity crisis in your agency.

Especially if you’re not seeing the results you’d like from your marketing, an underlying identity crisis could be one of the root causes.

How To Quickly And Easily Create Case Studies That Boost Your Agency’s Reputation

Yvette Sonneveld - Inbound Marketing Bliss

Publishing case studies can be a fantastic way to increase your agency’s exposure and demonstrate your skills. But writing them can be time-consuming.

Yvette shares her proven process in this interview, so you can start writing your own case studies from today.

Yvette Sonneveld

Leveraging Copywriting To Scale Your Agency

Todd E. Jones - Copyflight

Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills we as entrepreneurs can master. With Todd’s battle-tested framework, we can take the copy on our websites to the next level.

Whether you’re struggling with turning your About page into an asset that drives leads, or whether you simply want to learn more about copywriting in general, this presentation has got a lot in store.

How Agencies Can Leverage Static Sites For Their Clients

Miriam Schwab - Strattic

Static WordPress sites offer tons of benefits for the right type of customer. If you can sell your clients on a static website, you can not just offer them a blazingly fast site but also one that is as secure as it gets.

Miriam and Jan talk through the in’s and out’s of static sites and discuss selling points for agency owners and site builders.

Powering Virtual Events To Boost ECommerce

Muhammad Muhsin

Muhammad is a senior React engineer at rtCamp and focuses this presentation about powering virtual events to increase e-commerce sales.

He shares a case study for one of his recent projects, in which he helped a brick and mortar store selling sewing equipment using virtual events.

muhammad muhsin

How To Work With A Remote Design Team

Thiago Carvalho - DeerDesigner

Working with a remote design team can bring in multiple benefits for your agency. 

You could use them to offer better web design services, resell their services when creating graphics for your customers, or for your own marketing.

Thiago’s presentation explains how to properly work with remote design teams.

Delighting Your Customers & Women In Tech

Mary Job - HowDoYouTech

Mary is a support engineer for Paid Memberships Pro and also organizes WordCamps in the WordPress industry.

In our conversation, we talk about what it takes to delight your customers in order to fight churn. We also discuss how women in tech can be empowered.

Mary Job

The Story Of Scaling WP Media, The Company Behind WP Rocket

Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier - WP Media

Scaling WP Media, the company behind WP Rocket and Imagify was an exciting ride, as JB shares in this interview.

Jan and he discuss what it takes to grow a service-based business and transition into selling plugins that sell hundreds of thousands of times.

Jean Baptiste Marchand Avier

Day 3

Lesson Learned From Building, Scaling, And Managing A WordPress Agency

Mario Peshev - Devrix

Devrix is a ravingly successful full-service agency, selling WordPress projects to clients like Audi.

In this interview, Mario discusses how he grew Devrix to 40+ employees and how he closed projects with enterprise clients as a freelancer. If you want to work with enterprise clients and sell five-figure or six-figure projects, this interview is a must-see.

Winning Enterprise Clients In Sports

Leo Mindel - Sotic

How cool would it be to work with Premier League soccer clubs and other exciting enterprise businesses in the sports field?

Leo’s agency Sotic focuses on exactly this type of clients. In this interview, he explains what it takes to close deals with enterprises in sports and how to excel in this industry.

Content Marketing Strategies That Sell

Kim Doyal - Content Creators Planner

Content marketing without a clear goal or strategy will just cause costs and won’t deliver any results. Luckily, the content marketing queen Kim Doyal sits down with us to show us a solution.

In this interview, she outlines how you can structure monthly campaigns around your business goals. It is time to turn your content into a true business asset.


Kim Doyal

Engineering Happiness: How To Help Customers Navigate The WP Waters

Kathryn Pressner - Automattic

Kathryn is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and explains how you can always delight your customers.

She talks about strategies to better emphasize and understand even the most frustrating client requests. This interview will help you take customer care to the next level.


Kathryn Presner

How Brad Scaled WebDevStudios To A World-Leading Agency

Brad Williams - WebDevStudios

WebDevStudios is one of the thought leaders in the WordPress industry, working with enterprises across the globe.

Brad shared his way to the top of the WP agency ecosystem and doesn’t hold back on painful lessons learned. If you are passionate about building a 30+ person agency, Brad is the right person to listen to.

Brad Williams

How Agencies Can Leverage Blogging For Lead Gen

Alice Elliott -

Blogging and especially blog commenting can be powerful tools to generate leads in your agency.

Alice focuses on the social aspect of blogging and building relationships through blog commenting. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on why agencies should put more emphasis on building true relationships on their blogs.

Day 4

How To Find And Stop Money Leaks In Your Projects

Jennifer Bourn - Bourn Creative

In this presentation, Jennifer walks you through various steps where you could be losing money in your projects.

Chances are, that you will recognize some of the behaviors she outlines. Luckily, she also presents the solution right in this presentation as well!

Jennifer Bourn

Mental Health Challenges For Agency Owners

Diane Wallace - Big Orange Heart

This is a vulnerable conversation of two agency owners who share their struggles with mental health. Whether it’s anxiety, imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, or other feelings – most agency owners are familiar with them.

Diane presents ways you can deal with the pressure that comes with running an agency.

Diane Wallace

Scaling Your Agency’s Revenue With Email Marketing

Davinder Singh Kainth - The WP Weekly

Davinder writes three different email newsletters, each of them contributing directly to his revenue.

In this interview, Davinder explains his process of consistently sending out valuable email newsletters. Without spending hours writing them, that is.

Davinder Sing Kainth

How To Scale Your Agency Using MRR In Your Projects

John White - True Mtn Marketing

John’s agency thrives on recurring revenue by selling all their projects based on retainers. Instead of charging high prices initially, True Mtn Marketing bills projects over the course of 24 months.

In this interview, John explains the rationale behind this approach and teaches the process, so you can replicate his success.

John White

The Twitter Marketing Blueprint To Scale Your Agency

Bridget Willard

Twitter can be a powerful lead generation tool if used properly. Bridget walks you through the process of making the most from the time spent on Twitter.

From setting up your profile properly to using lists for lead segmentation, the frequency of tweets and how you structure them – she got it all covered for you.

Lessons Learned From 7 Years Of Freelancing

Claire Brotherton - abrightclearweb

This interview shines a light on how Claire managed to do freelance work for 7+ years.

She shares challenges she had to overcome, how she generates leads and works with her clients, and what lessons she learned along the way.

Claire Brotherton

Day 5

The 5A Framework For Escaping Your Referral Trap

Brent Weaver - Ugurus

Brent has worked with hundreds of WordPress agencies and helped them build a rock-solid foundation.

In this presentation, he explains how you can stop relying on referrals and build a powerful marketing engine that generates leads on auto-pilot!

Making A Good Life Working With Nonprofits

Birgit Pauli-Haack - Gutenberg Times & Pauli Systems

Birgit hosts the Gutenberg Times but also built a profitable agency that serves nonprofits.

In this conversation, she explains how she built her agency from the ground up and why working with nonprofits can earn a lot of money for an agency.

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Nailing The Discovery Process And Accessibility

Alicia St. Rose - WP With Heart

In this interview, Alicia explains her proven and tested process for website discovery. None of her projects starts without this Discovery phase – it has been essential to her success.

You will learn what questions to ask your clients in the Discovery phase and how to scope a project properly.

How Brad Built Delicious Brains

Brad Touesnard - Delicious Brains

Chances are that you heard about Delicious Brains before. Their plugins like WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload Media, and others have hundreds of thousands of customers.

In this interview, Brad shares how he and his co-founder built Delicious Brains from scratch and grew it to the extraordinary level they are on now.

brad touesnard

What Agencies Should Know About Web Vitals

Adam Silverstein - Google

Adam is a developer programs engineer at Google, working at the Core Web Vitals. 

In his presentation, he explains not just what these new metrics mean for Google’s ranking algorithm, but also how WordPress sites need to be optimized for them.

Adam Silverstein

Building A White-Gloves WordPress Service Agency

Adam Silver - ConciergeWP

Running ConciergeWP and being involved in the WordPress community through his podcast, Adam knows the in’s and out’s of running a WP service agency.

In this interview, he shared his struggles in the beginning and how he overcame them. He also explains how he managed to remove himself from the day-to-day business tasks.

Adam Silver

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