Part 5 - How to sell a GDPR-related service

Part 5: How To Sell A GDPR-Related Service

This post is a part of a training series that I have created in collaboration with iubenda – one of the proud sponsors of the 2020 WP Agency Summit.

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I hope that by now you are as excited about adding a GDPR-related service to your recurring revenue streams as I am.

Let us talk about how to price such a service and what exactly you can deliver to your customers by reselling iubenda.

Selling points:

You can probably guess the main selling points by now, they are:

  • Any website needs to comply with GDPR as soon as it receives website traffic from Europeans and stores their data
  • Getting fined for GDPR violations (or violations against other laws) is pricey and damages your customer’s reputation
  • Removing the features that violate GDPR is often not a viable option

As for pricing your service, you don’t have to charge your customer an arm and a leg when reselling iubenda.

In fact, their personal license for one site with less than 25k monthly page views starts at $29 per year. That includes a Cookie Solution, an auto-updating Privacy Policy, and an auto-updating Cookie Policy. 

Mind you, you will receive bulk discounts when becoming a Certified Partner for iubenda. But let’s continue with the $29/year for now.

You can do the math yourself, $29/year leaves a LOT of headroom for you. You could easily justify $29 per month for your customer without breaking their bank. 

That’s $290/year in additional recurring revenue without you having to lift a finger after you set up iubenda. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Obviously, this is just an example and you will have to adjust the numbers based on the size of your customer’s website and your own price calculations. 

But it should illustrate how well reselling iubenda’s service can fit into your income streams. 

The main point is that you have to have the right contracts in place. No matter if you use iubenda or any other tool, you want to protect yourself from being held liable for violations.

You can ask the iubenda team to help you set up a contract like this, they will be happy to assist you. From my conversations with them, it became clear how much iubenda cares about their partners.

And that makes total sense from my perspective. Partners help iubenda grow. Thus, iubenda has a strong interest in growing together.

Again, I’m not selling iubenda so hard on you because I’m their employee. But because I see this as a nice opportunity to diversify your income streams.

Let me know what you think about this approach and whether it is (or isn’t) a good fit for you – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

All the best,


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