Part 4 - Common Questions around GDPR

Part 4: Common Questions Around GDPR

This post is a part of a training series that I have created in collaboration with iubenda – one of the proud sponsors of the 2020 WP Agency Summit.

You can read the other articles in this series here:

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Did the examples from Part 3 stick with you? I would bet that you have dealt with at least one of them in previous projects or in your current projects.

To summarize: a website is in danger of not being GDPR compliant as soon as you use contact forms, checkout functionality, tracking scripts, and email opt-in forms.

Today, I would like to talk about some common questions about reselling tools like iubenda and using GDPR to earn residual income.

Take all these answers with a grain of salt. I am collaborating with the experts from iubenda on this series – but this should not be considered legal advice and is for educational purposes only.

1) Is my agency liable for violations when I resell iubenda or other GDPR services?

See what I did in the paragraph above? I added a disclaimer clarifying that I am not liable and not giving legal advice here.

You can set up similar statements and include them in contracts your customers sign when starting a maintenance contract. In these statements, you can clarify that you are not to be held liable for violations.

If you want to dive deeper into this, I highly recommend you check out the webinar replay with iubenda from the WP Agency Summit. The title is “How To Make Your Clients’ Sites And Apps Compliant And Avoid Liabilities”, check it out here.

2) How can I make money with this?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Becoming a partner of iubenda and reselling their services can earn recurring revenue for you.

They allow you to resell their solutions, which means you charge your customers more than you are paying iubenda (they have very affordable pricing). You can easily justify charging a premium because you are responsible for the initial setup and for keeping the system running.

Since you can also package GDPR-related services in your maintenance plans, this might be a good chance to upsell your existing clients into a higher-tier package. 

3) How does reselling iubenda work?

It is quite straightforward to resell iubenda. You join their Partner Program and get in touch with their support staff. 

They will walk you through an onboarding process, get you up to speed with their platform, and assist you in serving your customers best.

As you can tell from their engagement at the WP Agency Summit, they deeply care about the WordPress community and are committed to helping WP agency owners like yourself succeed. 

Iubenda also has a WordPress plugin, which makes integrating their service extremely straightforward.

I am happy to set up an introduction for you if you are interested! 

Do you have any other burning questions that I did not cover in this article? Let me know and leave a comment below. I will get them answered for you.

All the best,


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