You are wasting your time and leaking money

One Way To Make More Money In Your WordPress Projects

Wonder how you can make more money in your WordPress projects? The key concepts are knowing what you can spend your time on, hiring the right people, and delivering projects with consistent profits.

Some members of the WordPress community still frown upon openly speaking about revenue and aiming to make a good living. But, we all have to pay our bills. Growing a profitable WordPress agency simply requires you to deliver profitable projects. After all, you need to be able to pay yourself while also re-investing into your business.

That is why in this post, I want to share my thoughts on how you can make more money in your WordPress projects. The biggest takeaway from my experience is the importance of having partners and the right tools to avoid wasting time.

Chances are that, similar to me, you are also doing “tasks” that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. While building websites, we enjoy diving into the nitty-gritty. It is fun to tinker with plugins and services. It is fun to design layouts and to test them on various screen sizes.

However, these activities won’t help you make more money in your WordPress projects. No shiny tool or software can help you fix money leaks if the fundamentals aren’t set up properly. I hope this article can serve as a starting point for an internal review of your processes. It will not be an exhaustive list or action steps – don’t expect that. Instead, consider this to be an inspiration based on lessons I have learned while growing my own business.

Maybe you are still doing the “research” for your blog posts.

Or you are writing the outreach emails to book yourself on podcasts or to pitch guest blogs yourself.

Or you are doing the research on potential leads and finding out the best person to contact yourself.

Those are just three common tasks that are important for almost any agency but are nothing you as the agency owner should be doing. Doing each of these tasks well can indeed help you make more money in your WordPress projects. Yet, I do not believe you should be the one executing them.

Instead, you need to have the time to focus on the bigger picture for your business. When you are just starting your agency, it is totally fine that you are the one actually delivering projects to your customers. And that can certainly be the reason you started your business in the first place. Being in touch with customers and in the trenches certainly is part of my motivation.

It is your job to keep the business on track, manage your team, and ensure that all processes are running smoothly. Trust me when I say that I have wasted years in working IN my agency instead of ON my agency. You’ve likely heard this phrase before and might have neglected it – I certainly have.

One lesson I learned is that bringing on partners and VAs has been a major leap forward for my agency. Hiring a VA was challenging and required a shift in mindset. This might sound esoteric but in order to make more money in your WordPress projects, you have to delegate.

For example, I am working with the WP Buffs to sell maintenance packages without having to worry about them or to fulfill them. This means my only job is reduced to sell maintenance packages. After a client bought a maintenance package, I on board them with the WP Buffs and hand over fulfillment of the service to them. That is one example of how bringing on remote teams can help you streamline your agency.

A couple of months ago, I hired a personal assistant on Chances are that you emailed with Irish before, she is brilliant in doing research, helps me with emails, and got me booked on podcasts like LifterLMS. I can honestly say that bringing on Irish was one of the best decisions I made for my agency. platform

My plans are to bring on a remote team that consists of a developer, a copywriter, a designer, and a PPC expert for future projects. This should not just ensure smoother execution of virtual summits but also free up my personal time. As I want to expand the WP Agency Summit into a full-blown brand, I need to more time higher-level thinking.

Chances are that your best work also lies outside of the actual project delivery. Likely, you should be thinking about strategies to build your agency’s brand. Or to improve your internal processes so that you can make more money in your WordPress projects. Or figuring out ways to acquire new leads or to win bigger projects.

We are on the same journey. Freeing up time and handing off actual implementation of our services is super important.

To ensure that everything stays on track, I am following the Profit First methodology and implementing the advice that Matt Frost shared with me during his webinar at WP Agency Summit. I am easily getting distracted during the day-to-day of managing my business, so I rely on systems. They just make my life easier and I think they can help you as well.

I am sure you know how bumpy this ride is. It is not easy at all. Most challenging for me is the mindset shift required to hand off control to other people.

But we are in this together. As you know from the summit, I am a big fan of sharing experiences and helping each other grow.

So, I would LOVE to know where your agency is bleeding money right now. What are tasks you are doing that you know you shouldn’t?

Let’s fix that together!



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