A 360° solution to make your sites and apps compliant with the law

We help with the legal requirements, so you can focus on the business

iubenda offers a complete set of solutions to make your clients’ sites or apps compliant with the law, across multiple languages and legislations. Book a call for a complete overview of our solutions and how to avoid liabilities towards clients.

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We'll Help You Make Your Clients’ Sites Or Apps Compliant With The Law

We’ll provide you with information and useful resources on online legal requirements, instructions on how to use the iubenda compliance solutions and tips to resell this service to your clients and avoid liabilities.

Resell our compliance solutions for your clients' sites/apps.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

to draft the required disclosure documents;

Cookie Solution

to comply with Cookie Law and CCPA;

Consent Solution

to track and store a GDPR and LGPD proof of consent and CCPA opt-outs;

Terms and Conditions Generator

to draft Terms of Service for e-commerce sites and complex scenarios.

iubenda: for agencies and web professionals

Follow our webinar "How To Make Your Clients' Sites And Apps compliant And Avoid Liabilities" on October 14th, 10am CST.

In this webinar we’ll provide an overview of our softwares and offer some useful tips on how to manage the relationship with your clients and relieve yourself from legal liabilities towards them.

Want to become a compliance expert?

At iubenda, we also offer a Certification Program specifically designed for agencies and web professionals who'd like to be certified as experts in the use of iubenda compliance solutions.

Our Certified Partners can assist their clients in making their sites or apps legally compliant and have access to advanced support, exclusive resources, training content, increased visibility and much more. Let’s talk about it.

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