Unbiased Invideo Review – The Best Online Video Editor I Used To Date

I’m not a video editing expert. The thought of creating an engaging and creative video is overwhelming, which makes me want to avoid it altogether. That’s why I spent hours researching tools and eventually found Invideo. In my eyes, it’s the best online video editor.

You don’t need to be a pro-filmmaker or know intricate editing techniques; Invideo allows you to easily edit videos even without any experience. With their easy to use templates, you can create professional-quality videos for any platform.

I use Invideo to edit my videos, and it’s effortless to use! It lets you edit your videos on their platform and provides templates to get you started. Creating videos from scratch works very smoothly, but you can also adapt their pre-designed templates. I love that they provide various formats, catering to the needs of multiple platforms like Youtube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

You can find the video’s transcript at the bottom of this post.

I started using Invideo and didn’t look back.

I use this online video editor to edit my videos and it’s straightforward to use! Beforehand, I was using Adobe Premiere Pro but never really did much with it. The learning curve was really steep, so I am happy to finally have a tool that simplifies life. I have always been making YouTube videos, but I never had the opportunity or knowledge on how to do it. And if you are just getting started, Invideo has a brilliant guide to making your first video.

My friend showed me this page a few weeks ago, and now I’m able to make all these amazing videos with this video editing tool! It’s really cool to choose different scenes for your video and add effects that you can’t find in other editors. Although some things take a while to learn, like uploading and adjusting your own music, the downloading process is super easy so you don’t have to fiddle with various encodings.

Video marketing allows you to connect with your clients personally and create sales funnels that will increase your conversions by up to 80%. Many marketers struggle with making compelling videos, so they don’t use this powerful tool in their marketing strategy. If you want to get started with video marketing but aren’t sure how to set up your recording studio, I’ve got you covered. Click here to open a video walkthrough around my home office.

My camera, feeding the best online video editor with material
This is my main camera for video recording, a Sony A5100 with a Sigma F1.4 16mm lens.

From my perspective, Invideo has the best online video editor interface – super easy to use.

The interface is so simple that even a beginner can learn how to use it quickly! It’s easy for anyone to write and edit content using the simplified system. The editor has all the necessary features you would need, from bolding fonts to italicizing text. I love how clear everything looks on this site; many great features make me feel like I’m writing for something really professional.

You’ll be able to create high-quality video content in no time at all without having any experience with video editing software! They have a massive library of free stock footage (>10 million stock videos) as well as an option where you can pay for premium stock footage if needed. Their customer support is excellent – they respond quickly and are always willing to help out with whatever questions or issues might arise while using their services. The best part is that it’s super affordable too!

In fact, they gave me a discount code for my audience (that’s you!). Use JK25 at checkout to save 25% off any plan!

You don’t have any technical skills required because they do all the hard work for you! They will help guide you through the whole process so even if this is your first time using an online video editor, there’s no need for worry. Their customer service team is always available 24/7 via chat or email in case anything comes up during editing or uploading a video.

It has all the features you need for editing- cropping, rotating, adding transitions and effects…the list goes on!

There are so many unique features on this software that it would be impossible to list them all in one paragraph. For instance, did you know an easy way to create 3-D effects? You can also add transitions and other editing effects with just a few clicks of the mouse. Not only does the program have all the essential editing functions like cropping and rotating, but it also has some really cool features like adding text, animating objects, and more!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a great video editor then I highly recommend giving Invideo a try because not only is it powerful enough for even professional editors but its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to everyone!

And the best part? You don’t have to install any programs or download anything onto your computer!

You don’t have to install any programs or download anything onto your computer! All you need is an internet connection and a modern browser. This allows for quick, easy access to all the best sites from the comfort of your own home. You can even use it on multiple devices without needing to log in again, so no more juggling passwords between phones and laptops!

Transcript below:

In this video, I’m going to show you how I’m making the videos for my virtual summits using Invideo, which I think is the best online video editor out there. So it a little bit of background. I’m not a professional video designer by any means. Definitely not. And that is why I struggled with video so much in the past.
[00:00:19] I used to. Like three years ago, I think, yeah, three years ago I used to use, uh, ScreenFlow on Mac for editing the videos, which was fairly easy to use. Um, then I switched my entire workflow to windows because, um, yeah, I needed a new computer and I didn’t want to invest in an IMEX. So ScreenFlow was out of the window by then, because it’s just a Mac-based program.
[00:00:46] And I switched to Adobe premier pro, which is a beast it’s really powerful. However, it also has a learning curve and that is something that I never really master because I run a business. I don’t have the time to then Adobe premiere pro. And also, I don’t want to always invest in VAs. I want to be able to chunk out a quick video when I need it.
[00:01:09] When I have an idea for an ad campaign, for example, or when I’m building a new landing page where I need a video, I need something that really makes it better. Of course, it’s a lot easier. And that is where comes into play. So that is, as I said, an online video editor, it’s not something that you have to download, which is very convenient.
[00:01:29] And it is just so easy to use. And what I wanted to do in this video is I wanted to walk you through the most recent video that I’ve created, which is a video ad for the WP agency summit that I’ve been working on. But before I do that, I want to tell you a little bit about the features that Megan video pro so exciting for me.
[00:01:50] And I’ve created a list right here. So let me look at that real quick. There are. Over 4,000 completely customizable templates that you can use, which is something that I show you in the video in a bit, because these templates are what Megan video. So invaluable for me. Uh, they have a stock video library, which is super cool.
[00:02:11] If you don’t want or cannot film your own B roll, but you still want to have a bit extra of emotion in your video. And that stock a video library that. Um, excesses, shutter stock, and I stock videos and gives you access to over 10 million pieces of video. So that is a lot to choose from. Then they have a powerful editor, which is.
[00:02:37] It’s not close to Adobe premier pro to be honest, but it is very intuitive to use, which is in my eyes more important. And let’s face it. The video editor, as you would see in a bit, it does everything it needs to do, and it makes video editing very easy and straightforward. You can. In that video editor even switch the template in your project after you’ve started working on it. That’s certainly a feature I’d expect from the best online video editor.
[00:03:02] So say for example, that why working on a video, you notice that the template you’ve chosen isn’t the best fit because you’re changing direction in the video just a little bit. You don’t have to start over in this situation. You can simply use a new template, apply that to the existing project, and then video will carry everything over for you, which is super helpful and has saved me hours already.
[00:03:26] Um, well they, they have yeah, 24 seven chat support that has been handy at times. So when you have there’s one effect that you want to add to the video, for example, and you cannot figure out how to make it exactly the way. You wanted that shed support is there. They have your bag, which I have been fortunate to not have to use, but, uh, friends of mine have used the chat support and they are raving about the quality of the support.
[00:03:53] And lastly, speaking about friends using Invideo, there is a community of marketing and video experts around in video, which I highly recommend you join because there are over 20,000 people you can learn from. And it’s a very helpful place. It is a very supportive place. And if you have any questions around the end video, that is the one place where you can get them answered.
[00:04:18] Probably the quickest. So that are just a few things said in video, apart from its competitors in my eyes. But now let’s hop over to the desks and let me show you how I use in video for my summit videos. Okay. So we are looking at the Invideo homepage now. And as you can see, there are over 3000 pre-made templates, which is what I’m most excited about.
[00:04:43] To be honest, there are 50 plus themes for doing text to video conversions, which is great for highlighting like certain topics. On your own out of your blog posts. And you can obviously also start from scratch and edit your videos without any, anything predefined. Really what I would love to show you in this video, though, is how you can do a one-to-one ratio video, which is brilliant for like social media ads, for example.
[00:05:12] And really make it your own. So I’m not going to show you the blank canvas and I’m not sure. And to show you, it takes to video because I don’t have experienced so much with this, but what I’ve done is on another account, I have used the pre-made templates quite a bit, and that is what I use in video the most four.
[00:05:32] But obviously you can also edit your own videos with this. Um, that’s sort of going to the projects, shall we. So there is a job ID and obviously I could name this. So let’s just do this WP agency summit day at video. And when I click on edit, it’s loading the video and then the editor is really nicely structured.
[00:06:00] I really liked the editor a lot makes things a lot. Uh, easier than, for example, with Adobe premiere, where you have like tons of options, this is just really stripped down to the bare essentials, which makes Invideo so nicely to use. I think so on the left-hand side. You can add videos. Obviously you could upload your own videos or you can use predefined or pre-made videos as a premium subscriber.
[00:06:27] You could use like shutter stock based videos and just add them as scenes to the timeline right here. As you can see, there’s also a blues soundtrack, which we can use commercially in this pre-made template, too. Yeah. Images that we can use. Uh, you could include being results, but then that’s copyright.
[00:06:50] Technically it’s a little bit difficult. So I probably wouldn’t use this. Uh, you can add music, you can add text overlays, you can add your own uploads, organize everything nicely into folders. And I would just want to show you how you can really customize the templates. So all that I’ve done right here is I’ve changed the colors.
[00:07:11] The, the title, obviously the text and changing texts is super easy. You can just add more text to it. And the nice thing is, as you’ve noticed in video automatically resizes the text. To make the text look good. So this is a really comfortable feature. They would just get rid of the old text. So now we just have the keynotes, because right here, I wanted to highlight Ellie and Chris, but let’s say for the sake of this example, I want to upload another speaker image.
[00:07:45] So I just have to open that fire really quickly. Cool. Fight stream, WP mastery. WP agency summits speak because let’s say I want to have Adam silver on his. So I just drag and drop and upload Adam silver. And then I can hover the image over an existing image. And in video asks me, do I want to replace the existing image or edit as a layer on top?
[00:08:17] So if I say replace all the settings are taken over. Now it takes a second. And now I have Adam. Instead of Ellie in this image, obviously I don’t want to keep Ellie because she’s one of the featured speakers right here, but this just goes to show how easy it is. I love, I love how easy it is. This is something that takes me like five minutes to do in Adobe premiere.
[00:08:46] And then I can change the opacity of this triangle right here. So let’s go back to 70%. I can change the color to whatever I want. I could obviously repositioned this, however I want. And then if I want to undo something, I just tap the undo button and it goes back to where it was before. Same goes as I’ve shown with the text above is for the text below here.
[00:09:13] Of course, too. And then I can adjust this bar in however way or form I want, but let me just undo this too. So. If you have used Photoshop before or game for that Metta or affinity designer, then you are familiar with this approach of layering, which essentially gives you the option to layer objects on top of each other.
[00:09:39] That’s what layering is. Right? So what we could do is. Um, you can add and rearrange stuff as you would like. So say for example, the lower triangle is supposed to be on top of crisp image. Then I would just place the layer for the lower triangle right here. And as you can see, it is now, uh, on top of the image, but obviously that doesn’t make sense.
[00:10:07] So we move it back down and everything is C in, in this editor. Is also true for when you’re starting from scratch offices. So you can manipulate your own videos in any way or form you want. I’m just using this predesign template right here, because it makes things easier. And then you just, in the templates, you scroll from scene to scene and you adjust the template the way you want.
[00:10:34] And when you’re ready. To use the video as it is. And you are, you are finally happy with how the video looks. I would recommend that you play either the scene
[00:10:51] or you can play all the scenes.
[00:11:00] Now I won’t go through this for all the scenes is like 20 seconds, but it probably, I need another soundtrack. So what we can do is we can go to don’t sick and then we could, yeah, so many soundtracks to choose from. I’m probably not going to use to, to show how I am selecting a soundtrack, but let’s just for the fun of it.
[00:11:25] Look into the electronic sounds.
[00:11:31] So, as you can see, there are tons of sounds that you can use. Um, I just, you, you can just play around with those and add them to the, to the bar right here. So let’s remove this or blue soundtrack and that’s, that’s just lose you. Who’s, uh, future base right now. I really like. Based music. And now you can see the music is onto the soundtrack and I can even add multiple tracks and then I can rearrange the soundtrack as I want to.
[00:12:11] So. There’s a lot to play around with. And that’s what I love with, uh, in video. It is, um, probably not as capable as like the full fledged tools, like, uh, Adobe premium. Yeah. But then it is not supposed to be, so it’s supposed to make video editing quick and easy. And that is what I think in video really excels at.
[00:12:34] And that is why I think it is the best online video editor that you can grab today’s so, yeah. No, when I’m ready with all the adjustments, I can just hit export, select the mode. In my case, I want high definition. And now EnVideo is starting to render the video. And I can stay on this page and then, and wait for it to download so that I can click on this button right here.
[00:13:00] Or what I can also do is I can leave this page. Let’s go back to the project overview. I can monitor the progress of the export right here on this page, but I can also just wait until the end video notifies me that the video is ready for download via email. So that’s it. I am super impressed with in video.
[00:13:22] I so can probably tell, and I am a paying customer. I use that a premium program that the highest plan for all the videos that I’m doing. I am just a fan. So I’m obviously no video editing expert. I hope that’s clear. So if you use, um, Adobe premier and you make a living off video editing, you’re probably sneeze at that video, but then this tool probably isn’t meant for you in the first place.
[00:13:50] So if you know your way around premier pro, you don’t need this, but if you don’t. As I do. And I just, uh, played around with premiere pro and I’m glad that I can now save the money on the subscription. Um, I’m just excited that this tool exists or tools like this in general in video. Isn’t the first and it won’t be the last, but it is the best one that I found so far.
[00:14:15] Um, yeah, if you have any tips for me on how to make more use of video, please let me know in the comments below. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the channel, you’d help me out a lot and leave your thoughts in the comments below as well. If you want to give in video a try, I do have a coupon code for you in the comments below as well.
[00:14:35] And that’s it. Thank you so much. And I hope you enjoy this video.

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