How to generate blog ideas

How to Generate Blog Ideas

Blogging isn’t dead, even though many “experts” will try to convince you it is. Writing blog articles still is an exceptional way to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise. You have to know how to generate blog ideas though. Luckily, there’s a process you can follow.

Quick question, how often do you write blog posts for your audience/readers? Do you have a clear process for generating blog ideas and a pipeline of articles you can write straight away? If not, this article will outline a content strategy you can implement from today.

The Challenge With Finding Blog Ideas

Chances are that you’re like me and struggle with consistency when it comes to publishing content regularly. Managing your agency is stressful enough. If you haven’t a VA or an entire team for creating content, carving out an hour to publish a blog post seems to be almost impossible.

Even if you would have the time to sit down and crank out an article, you would need to know what to write about in the first place. This requires strategic thinking and being in a completely different mind space compared to working on the ongoing projects. Creating and implementing a content strategy forces you to detach yourself from the day-to-day and look at the bigger picture.

Mostly, I struggle with having things to write about. Blogs shouldn’t all be promotional, so you need to have topics that educate and deliver value to your readers. Often, I’d find myself wondering how to generate blog ideas for just the next article because that is all I could focus on. Getting into the mindset to think about content strategy would be really difficult, as you probably already know. My mind would always bring up the ongoing challenges in the current projects.

Luckily, there is a solution to overcome this self-imposed barrier. Please meet Kim Doyal and her content creation strategy based on monthly campaigns.

How To Generate Blog Ideas

That’s why in today’s post I want to break down a lesson I learned from the 2020 WP Agency Summit and give you a sneak peek about the session with Kim Doyal. She is a content marketing expert and creator of the Content Creators Planner.

We spoke about creating content marketing strategies that help you scale your business. She describes not just how to generate blog ideas but how to tie your blog into your overall marketing goals, based on a monthly campaign. I found this very exciting because any agency could choose a specific goal for one month and then focus all the content around it.

For example, my goal for the month of November is to build the foundation for a content platform on the WP Agency Summit website. To keep the goal measurable, I set out to publish at least 6 blog articles and one free training series on this website. The long-term vision is to build up organic traffic and use SEO to get this event in front of WordPress agency owners and freelancers.

The process – briefly outlined – is as follows:

  1. Define your business goal for the month
  2. Outline content topics
  3. Define Call-to-Actions for your content
  4. Set an Offer / End Goal

Connecting Blog Ideas To Business Goals

Now, most likely you know which goals you want to achieve this month.

Maybe you are aiming at a certain number of sales. Or you want to hit $50k in revenue. Or you focus on acquiring at least 10 qualified leads. Whatever the goal is, you probably have this defined somewhere already. If not, I highly recommend you look into the Entrepreneurial Operating System to add structure to your agency.

Looking at my own content marketing, I often struggle with steps 2 and 3. Since I am setting rocks (= goals) every quarter, I am aware of what my business needs to achieve each month. Connecting these goals to blog ideas has always been a challenge though.

Usually, I am getting so tied up in the day-to-day challenges that come with running an agency that I forget about defining content topics and CTAs. Without those, I obviously cannot write content for the blog or my email newsletter. You guessed it, I neglected both my blog and email subscribers heavily over the past years.

You might find yourself in a similar situation. Being pressed for time, you simply don’t set aside an hour or so to think about how to generate blog ideas. You need a process that smoothly integrates into your daily work, without distracting you too much.

Execute On Your Content Ideas

Let me give you a strategy that works – which I learned from Davinder Singh Kainth’s session on the WP Agency Summit. You’ll be surprised how straightforward this is.

  • Always keep a notepad or textfile open
  • When consuming content, jot down ideas to create content around in that notepad (for me, it’s a simple text file opened in Notepad++)
  • Set aside 30 minutes at the end of the day (or week) to write a blog, summarizing what you wrote down in your notes.

It’s really no rocket science – but I used to struggle with generating blog ideas consistently for years. After just one week of implementing these strategies, I had enough content to post the next 10 blogs. For me, it works best to first manage them in Notion before actually scheduling them in Active Campaign. Here’s a screenshot of my recent newsletters (at the time of writing this article):

Now it’s just a matter of setting aside time to write them and to measure what topics get the most appreciation from my readers/subscribers (that’s you!). I have decided to focus on email marketing and to send out a newsletter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can see that I am outlining each newsletter in Notion and then copy them to Active Campaign. This makes managing all the content so much easier!

Based on the performance of each newsletter, I then can decide which topics to expand on. I’ll turn those topics into blog articles for this blog or my profile on I’m a big fan of doing work once and then repurposing it and amplifying its reach. By following the processes Kim and Davinder outlined, I can do just that. Firstly, I am building the habit of consistently sending email newsletters, which already reflects in higher open rates. Secondly, I am creating a ton of content to be repurposed on various platforms.

I hope this article shows you not just how to generate blog ideas. I want to inspire you to execute these processes for your agency because they will help you gain more exposure. You will be more present in front of your audience and slowly but steadily increase your perceived authority.

If you enjoyed this tip and are serious about scaling your business, I am inviting you to join the waitlist for the WP Agency Summit. This way, you get notified when the next WP Agency Summit starts and don’t miss out on my newsletters.


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