Create A Writing Schedule For Your Daily Email Newsletter

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all the things you want to do and not enough time in the day. Having a writing schedule to send out daily newsletters doesn’t sound like fun, does it?

I certainly was intimidated to try sending emails every day from Monday to Friday but I’ve seen massively higher engagement from my email list. That’s why I’m going to break down my writing schedule for you in this article.

You might have a list of 20 blog post ideas or projects that need your attention, but you don’t know where to start. Here’s where a writing schedule comes in handy! I shared with my audience about how I use Notion as a blogging/writing organizer – check it out here.

This strategy has been effective because it gives me a clear structure for email newsletters and allows me to schedule them in advance for an entire week.

I am saving much time and get my content creation tasks done more efficiently.

What My Writing Schedule Looks Like

The writing schedule I use for my email newsletters is pretty simple. I use Notion to write down ideas for potential email topics as they come across on a day-to-day basis.

Then, I put those ideas into Conversion.ai and use their “Blog Post Topic Ideas” or “Blog Post Outline” templates to turn a single idea into multiple content pieces. With these templates, I can get three content piece headlines on average for a single thought.

Once I have those content ideas, I schedule them in Notion as daily entries for my newsletter. It’s pretty straightforward. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like:

My writing schedule inside Notion

With that, I have my writing schedule for my daily email newsletter in place. I have to write the emails next.

If you’re like me, batch processing is what works best if you’re doing the same task repeatedly. That’s why I’m setting aside roughly two hours every week to execute my writing schedule and write all emails for the next five business days in one sitting.

For personal emails like this one, I am writing the entire content myself when I’m sharing a story or a process I created. These emails don’t take much time because I’m intimately familiar with what I am writing about.

For emails on topics I’m not so familiar with, I’ll turn to conversion.ai again for help.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

I’ll use their “Persuasive Bullet Points”, “Blog Post Outline”, “Feature to Benefit,” or “Before-After-Bridge” templates when I face writer’s block. Whenever I’m staring at a blank screen – and that happens often – I use conversion.ai to come up with new ideas.

Before using them, I wasn’t able to create content consistently because of writer’s block and having too many other things on my mind.

But with conversion.ai, I’m able to instantly get new ideas and perspectives on the topic I want to write about.

I can’t use their content word for word, but I can create better content and less time!

This process already led to higher engagement in my email marketing and hopefully helps me drive more organic traffic through my blogs.

Let me know what you think about this process.

In the end, it boils down to not letting writer’s block strike and having a clear idea of what topics you want to create content on. These two factors, combined with setting aside time to actually write the content, are what make up a solid writing schedule in my opinion.

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