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The WP Agency Summit has been the leading virtual conference in 2019 in the WordPress space and is now established as a yearly event and commercial counterpart to official WordCamps.

I say “commercial” because this event is designed to not just educate the attendees with free sessions but also give companies space to represent themselves in front of the active WordPress community.

Sponsorships through companies help me keep the event free to attend and to run this event in the first place. So it’s just fair to give companies a platform during this virtual conference.

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With Covid19 forcing people to stay home, shutting down physical conferences and impacting businesses like never seen before, I see virtual summits as an effective way to communicate knowledge and bring like-minded people together.

This virtual conference is meant to educate WordPress agency owners, WordPress developers, and web designers alike. During the four days this event is running, the sessions are presented in a schedule that’s easy to follow. Attendees can decide to pick their favorite sessions and watch them as they are in the main track. 

After a session has been presented in the main track, it goes into a session’s vault that stays available for free while the summit is going on. With that approach, I’m giving attendees an easy way to catch up on sessions they missed.

How It Works

For this conference, I am organizing interviews and presentations with 20+ industry-leading e-commerce experts and service providers to share their best strategies and experiences.

Attendees can sign up for free by subscribing to an email list dedicated to this event. Every day when the summit airs, a selection of sessions will be made publicly available on this website in a publicly announced schedule. 

The sessions are a combination or prerecorded and live content, which goes live according to schedule and is accompanied by a live chat for attendees to engage with each other and the speaker.

After a session is over, it goes into the session’s vault – which attendees can access for free during the event. This vault gives attendees the opportunity to easily catch up on content they might have missed in the main track.

The Main Daily Pages

The daily sessions are presented on pages like the one to the right. Below the videos, all the sponsor logos are shown including clickable links that go to the page of your choice.

The Premium sponsor logos are biggest and at the top (max. 300px wide), below are the Super sponsor logos (max. 250px wide) and in the last row are the Light sponsor logos (max. 200px wide).

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Details about my wP Agency Summit (2019)

WP Agency Summit 2019 - Numbers

Registered attendees
Sessions viewed
Countries reached

WP Agency Summit 2019 - Sponsors


WP Agency Summit 2019 - Companies involved


WP Agency Summit 2019 - Speakers involved

Troy Dean

Troy Dean

WP Elevation

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel

Serial Entrepreneur

Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal

Content Marketing Expert

Joe Howard

Joe Howard

Founder at WP Buffs

Akshat Choudhary

Akshat Choudhary

Blogvault & Malcare

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

iThemes Security

Aaqib Gadit

Aaqib Gadit

CEO of Cloudways

Mor Cohen

Mor Cohen

Owner at FlixFrame

Piccia Neri

UX & UI Expert

Gregory Karelitz

Gregory Karelitz

Global Head of Partnerships, Hubspot

Raya Stoilova

Raya Stoilova

Senior Affiliate Manager at Siteground

Puneet Sahalot

Puneet Sahalot

Founder of IdeaBox Creations

Details about my WP FeedBack Summit (2020)

WP FeedBack Summit 2020 - Sponsors

The WP FeedBack Summit was running until May 2nd, 2020 and I have to pull all the relevant numbers together. On a broad level, I was able to significantly increase the audience size and the sponsors generated hundreds of leads from their virtual booths.

For example, the event got over 100,000 unique website visitors:

About this upcoming WP Agency summit

Virtual Summit Format

Important Dates

Marketing Reach

These are The speakers for the upcoming WP Agency Summit

The Summit Has Three Sponsorship Packages

Bronze Sponsorship

Support the event and get your clickable logo on the website. Get promoted to all attendees through email and shout-outs during the event.


$1000 USD

Silver Sponsorship

Get involved in the event with your own talk and a dedicated sponsors page, where you can run a giveaway and build your own list.


(0 slots left)

$2500 USD

Gold Sponsorship

Get a video ad and live panel discussion.  Also includes everything in the Silver Sponsorship and makes you a Gold Sponsor for the next WP Agency Summit as well.


(0 slots left)

$6000 USD

Prices do not include VAT. If you’d like to speak with me before sponsoring, you can book a call here.

Gold Sponsor
($6000 USD)
Silver Sponsor
($2500 USD)
Bronze Sponsor
($1000 USD)
Featured sponsor for the WP Agency Summit
Clickable logo on the Summit pages
"Thank You" mention during the live kick-off event before the summit
Your logo in the Summit emails and newsletters
Logo + description promoted to the audience in a dedicated email before the event
All Access Pass Coupon Codes (for giveaways or your employees) 10 5 2
Clickable logo inside daily summit emails linking back to your virtual booth
Be a sponsor of the evergreen summit version (ongoing promotion for 12 months)
Special Feature Webinar to educate the attendees
Featured Summit session (interview or presentation)
"Featured Speaker" mention on the Summit pages
Your own Sponsors page to run lead generation campaigns
Speaker featured in Facebook ads
Host a live panel discussion with speakers of your choice during the summit
10s video ad clip during each session video (at the start and end, evenly distributed between sponsors). Videos can be targeted on session topics.
Be a free Gold sponsor for the next WP Agency Summit in 2021

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