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Finally, Covid19 Impacted My Agency And Cost Me $12k

In this blog post, I wanted to share a story of how Covid19 cost me a project worth $12k and the mental challenges that came …

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Recurring Revenue

5 Monthly Recurring Revenue Sources For WordPress Agencies

Discover five ways to add recurring revenue sources to your WordPress business. You do not have to hire more staff for any of these. Instead, you will tap into white-label partners that help you scale.

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One Way To Make More Money In Your WordPress Projects

Wonder how you can make more money in your WordPress projects? The key concepts are knowing what you can spend your time on, hiring the …

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How to generate blog ideas

How to Generate Blog Ideas

Discover a proven process to generate blog ideas that attract your ideal customers and help you scale your agency. You’ll learn how to never run out of content ideas again and understand how content creation actually ties into your monthly business goals.

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Recurring Revenue

Providing website maintenance as freelancer

This article gives you a starting point to providing website maintenance services as freelancer, without requiring you to hire staff. See how Jan Koch is handling his own processes to provide maintenance services to his clients.

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