Bring Back The Fun Into Scaling Your WP Agency

Go behind the scenes with 25+ world-class agency owners and WordPress thought leaders and meet new friends in our virtual networking lounge.

Join this free virtual conference learn battle-test strategies for lead generation, sales, project delivery and a lot more that helps you grow your WordPress agency or freelance business. Scaling your WP business should be fun, not hard.

Free Online Event | Oct. 12th - 16th, 2020

Our Speakers Work With Clients Like

Ok, that sounds awesome. But...


Great question and I’m glad you asked. Besides making new friends in our virtual networking lounge, you’ll also…

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Playbook coverThe WP Agency Summit Playbook!

Discover the 10 most common mistakes shared by the experts speaking at the WP Agency Summit. Knowing these mistakes immediately gives you a head-start against your competition!

Ok, so who Is Speaking On Which Topics?!

These hand-selected experts are at the top of their game. They’re running WP agencies working with 100’s of clients, grew multi-million dollar businesses and mastered WordPress development. They’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

Every masterclass is available to watch online for free for the entire event. You can decide to follow the Main Track or watch each session at your own convenience from the Sessions Vault.

You’ll learn:

These Are our fantastic speakers

Note: I am still organizing this event. So you will see more speakers being added here over time. – Jan Koch, host of the WP Agency Summit

Featured Speakers

Allie Nimmons
Allie Nimmons
Chris Wiegman
Marieke van de Rakt
Thomas Fanchin
Abbie Clement
Matt Frost
Agnes Talalaev
Pritesh Vora
Pritesh Vora
Mario Peshev
Miriam Schwab
brad touesnard
Brad Touesnard
Birgit Pauli-Haack
Birgit Pauli-Haack
Kim Doyal
Kim Doyal
Adam Silver
Bridget Willard
Leo Mindel
Davinder Singh Kainth
Alicia St. Rose
Brent Weaver
Jean Baptiste Marchand Avier
Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier
John White
John White
Kathryn Presner
Kathryn Presner
muhammad muhsin
Muhammad Muhsin
Mary Job
Mary Job
Claire Brotherton
Claire Brotherton
Robert Jacobi
Alice Elliott
Adam Silverstein
Lee Matthew Jackson
Diane Wallace
Diane Wallace
Todd E. Jones
Yvette Sonneveld
Yvette Sonneveld
Sodiq Akinjobi
Sodiq Akinjobi
Jennifer Bourn
Jennifer Bourn

How'd you like access to 25+ world-class Expert Sessions?

These sessions will show you the growth strategies the top people in the industry are using to build, grow and monetize their WordPress agencies (these strategies can work at any stage of your business, in any market). 

It’s about time you stop drowning in client work, learn how to attract high-paying clients, deliver your projects smoothly and add recurring revenue to your bottom line.

Free Online Event | Oct. 12th - 16th, 2020

What to expect from this event

Why Should I Sign Up for the WP AGENCY SUMMIT?

Battle-Tested Strategies From Real Experts

This virtual conference brings together world-class experts, sharing knowledge on growing WP agencies & freelance businesses.

Grow Your Network

Your network is your net worth.Build new relationships in the virtual networking lounge, via group video calls and live chats. The lounge is open 24x5 during the event.

Access From Your Browser

No need to travel or even to leave the safety and comfort of your home. Save thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from your loved ones. Oh, and we don't wear masks here 😉

Add Multiple revenue streams to your agency

Learn proven strategies to generate monthly recurring revenue by selling care plans, productized services, and additional offerings.

Discover Proven Ways to sell Your wP Services

WordPress agency owners reveal their proven strategies

Your journey of building and scaling your WordPress service business could go one of two ways.

Long & Difficult way

You could spend thousands dollars and countless hours trying to implement “OLD” outdated agency growth strategies you’ve learned from “so-called experts” that aren’t that effective anymore (or worse… don’t work at all!) if you’d like to get results fast.

With The Proven Strategies From This Summit

You could sign up for the WP Agency Summit and discover the path to grow your agency, attracting stellar clients like honey attracts bears, and earning predictable recurring revenue, you’re in the right place.

Free Online Event | Oct. 12th - 16th, 2020

Meet Your Host

Jan Koch

Hi, I’m Jan Koch. 

I host the WP Agency Summit and also run a small agency.

Since 2012 I’m working with WordPress, my agency serves customers all across the globe. Having experienced the feast and famine circles of running an agency, I decided to put together this virtual summit.

Scratching my own itch, this free event is designed to guide WordPress agency owners and developers. 

The speakers share actionable, real-world systems and strategies on scaling your agency by attracting high-paying clients, getting the content and feedback you need on time, and adding recurring revenue to your bottom line.

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